I have been creating garden railway buildings since 2008, they are generally made of concrete and can be easily painted with outdoor paints to enhance their look. I make buildings to cater mostly for 16mm and G Scale but also have small ranges in O Gauge, 7/8ths and 5 inch scale

I make a broad range of products loosly based around the Narrow Gauge environment from estate, mining and mountain railways in the UK. 


A simple straight span

There are several options available for viaducts, a straight and a 4ft radius curve. it comes in three main components, a tall central pier, a bridge and a short end pier. If you look at the picture the bridge section just sits on the pier shoulder and create a viaduct span as long as you like. An extension piece is available to increase the pier height and small abutment walls to dress up the ends. 


Small Welsh cottages

The Cottage range is extensive with a variety of 'Add-ons' such as dormers, one story extensions, lean-to, chimney etc. All are cast in concrete and are extremely durable. 


Single tunnel mouth with abutment walls

There are a few tunnel mouths on offer such as the single stone mouth in the pic, there is also a mine entrance and a brick double mouth.

Buildings created for Mike J, great little scene