Country Church

A Complete Church

The church is a modular concrete design coming in many parts, it can have very different looks depending on your choices here.  You can choose to add buttresses on the model or just have a Naive on it's own. 

Scaled for 16mm and G Scale but would not look out of place at distance on an O Gauge Layout

Church Tower Set

A Complete Church Tower

The Tower comes in the following parts and can be stuck together with a suitable concrete adhesive. 

CHS057 - Main Tower

CHS058 - Buttress

CHS059 - Slate Base Plate

CHS060 - Set of 12 x Merlons

CHS061 - Battlement Top

The model can be easily painted with masonary paints after assembling


Height – 18”

Width – 9”

Length – 9”


Church Naive

CHS073 - The Church Naive is a solid construction but can be made hollow on request. 




Selection of Grave Stones

No Church is complete without some graves, these will add a bit of depth to the layout and that extra detail, my advice is not to over populate the area but a sprinkle and slight suggestion of a graveyard is the best way. 

From the left of the picture we have:

Flat Head Stone

Slate Raised Tomb

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross With Ivy



A Complete Memorial

Here we have a memorial Base and Soldier, they are seperate and the Celtic cross above can be added instead of the soldier, the soldier was made for me by Rob Bennet as a commision and it is in his unique style. The main parts are:

CHS031 - Concrete Memorial Base

CHS032 - Resin Soldier 

CHS031A - WW1 Memorial Plate

CHS031B - WW2 Memorial Plate

CHS031C - 'We will remember them' Plate