Yard Buildings

This page covers a broad range of buildings that would look good in a yard area or as a lineside feature.

Engine Shed

This engine shed is a flat pack kit form model, the main components are concrete, comes in seven pieces:

2 x engine shed sides - CHS101

1 x shed door piece - CHS102

1 x rear piece - CHS103

2 x roof pieces - CHS104

1 x pack of ridges - CHS105

Simply glue together and paint, instructions are available on purchase. It can be assembled and painted but that comes at a premium so it is highly recommended that you assemble yourself. If you require two mouths with this kit as a ‘run through’ option please state when you contact me.

Outside length – 21”    Inside length for engine – 17.25”   Outside height – 12.5”        Inside height of engine shed mouth - 8.25”   Outside width – 9.5”      Inside width of engine shed mouth – 6”



A different paint scheme

Choose your colour to match your own theme

An adaptation by Mike J

Put your own vents, ladders and doors to enhance the model

Great door job

Hinges drilled and glued into concrete

Engine Shed Vent


This vent kit comes in three pieces made of solid resin with a fine sand and dye mix for better paint application. it comes in a roof and two side sections, this particular vent has been rusted up for a more weathered look

Goods Shed Side Panel


This panel replaces the standard engine shed side panel, it has a gradual arch with shortened legs to allow a platform section to be inserted. On this particular model two mouth sections have been fitted to allow a 'run through' effect. The canopy was constructed bespoke out of a spare roof section, roof slate was cut and grooved to create the valance part of the canopy. 

Coal Staithe


This coal bunker is full of character and it is moulded in one piece of concrete with the coal effect coming out in superb detail. Made 

Height – 3.2”

Width – 5”

Length – 7”

Slate Lineside Hut


This line-side hut is moulded in one piece of concrete apart from the chimney pot, a plastic chimney pot will be supplied and it just needs to be glued in place.

Height – 4.5”

Width – 4”

Length – 4”

Wooden Sleeper Buffer Stop


This is a kit form buffer stop ideal for 16mm, it comprises of four parts cast out of concrete, a front buffer and three plain panels. You can add real ballast or plant up with a small rockery plant. 

Slate Buffer Stop


This is a one cast piece design in concrete which is very quaint in character, ideal for 16mm.

Height – 1.5” 

Length – 2 ¼”  

Width – 2 ¼”     

Large Wooden Sleeper Buffer Stop


This buffer stop is ideal for G Scale and 7/8ths but has also been used widely for 16mm by sinking into the ground a bit. If you have a hard surface and want to use for 16mm I can cast a shorter version for you. It comes in a soldid concrete finish or a resin hollow piece, the hollow is a little more expensive but can be filled with real ballast or planted. 

Multi-Purpose Building


This building has lots of uses and the idea is it can be used as an outbuilding for example a WC. It’s best potential would be to put a water tank on top for a trackside building feature.

Height – 5.5” 

Width – 3.5”

Length – 3.5”


Small Water Tank


This small tank fits nicely onto the slate multi-purpose building (CHS051), it is a concrete construction. It has lovely rivet detail and quite in keeping with the small quaint towers found on a narrow gauge railway. A small copper pipe has been fitted to this model to take a water sleeve pipe. 

Small Water Tower


This small water tower comes fully assembled and painted, it is constructed from the slate multi-purpose building (CHS051) and the small water tank (CHS089). 

Large Water Tower


This is a single cast concrete model, any type of attatchment can be fitted for the water sleeve pipe, in this model it is a simple copper pipe. This model is ideal for G Scale and 7/8ths but many 16mm modellers still use it. 

Total Height – 16.5” 

Water tank – 7.5” x 6” x  5.2”

Tower – 11.3” x 5.5” x 4”


Large Water Tower with Door & Windows


This is a kit form  which comprises of the following:

1 x water tank 

1 x door panel

3 x window panel

4 x corner pillars 

1 x copper angle pipe 


Total Height – 12.25” 

Water tank – 7.5” x 6” x  5.2”


Pump House Water Tower


This is a bespoke combination of three other models, the Water tower tank, part of the church tower and part of the slate station building. This forms a nice pump station with water tank and would look great next to the line.

Total Height – 13.5” 

Water tank – 7.5” x 6” x  5.2”


Modulr Signal Box

This signal box comes in four main parts; top floor, ground floor, steps and bannister. The top floor can just be used on it's own if prefered. A chimney has been added to this model for best effect. All parts less bannister are concrete

Top Floor  CHS067

This slate effect signal box is full of character, the model does not come with the chimney stack or the coal store but can be purchased separately.

Height – 7.5”

Width – 6”

Length – 6.5”

Ground Floor  CHS068

This ground floor add-on has a small window at the front and an additional window and door at the rear, it can be glued permanently or left loose. 

Stone Steps  CHS069

 steps are designed for the signal box but can be used anywhere really, it can be glued permanently or left loose. 

Bannister  CHS069A

This is a cast resin attachment that can be glued in place. 

Alternative colour scheme

Photo donated by Mark Thatcher