CHS025 Large Retaining Wall & CHS026 Joining Pillar

This is a large sheet of concrete with stone effect to use as a retaining wall or can cover block work.  The picture shows two sheets and one joining pillar. The wall can be easily cut down with an angle grinder and diamond tipped blade, create a lower wall or use to create your own buildings. 

Height – 10”    Width - ¾ ”    Length – 19”


CHS106 Slate Retaining Wall

Length – 22” Height – 7”

This retaining wall was inspired by the Penrhyn quarry, it has clean cut slate effect with two styles of capping, the first being the irregular vertical placed stone (Dragon’s Teeth) which would have been seen on the Penrhyn railway, the second being the formal stone capping. Just simply turn over to the required finish.


CHS027 Thick Dry Stone Walling


This stone wall is great for 16mm but will still look great on G scale. It is available in a straight, curved, corner and pillar post, the dimensions below give you an idea of the straight section. 

Height – 2.6”  

Base Width – 1.75”

Top Width – 1.5” 

Length – 12.5”

CHS055 Thin Slate Wall & CHS055A Pillar Post

This walling section is a nice thin slate effect cast out of concrete, it comes in a straight, curved and pillar post. 

Height – 2 ¾ ”

Width – 0.5”

Length – 12”

CHS055B Low Slate Walling

This low slate wall is half the height of the CHS55, it comes with a curved section and a pillar post. 

CHS023 Small Sloped Abutment Walls

These are for the bridge section, short pier and viaduct but can be used pretty much anywhere.

Height – 6” 

Length – 7.5”

Width – ½ ”  

CHS024 Large Sloped Abutment Walling

These are for the tunnel mouth and can be used to finish off the end of the large retaining walls below, but can be used pretty much anywhere.

Height – 10” 

Length – 11”   

Width - ¾ ”  


CHS028 Pillar Post Box

This comes pre-assembled and fully painted, it can be painted Cotswold stone colour if required. 

CHS029 Wall Post Box

This comes painted or unpainted and is made of resin:

Height - 52mm

Width - 22mm


CHS030 Pillar Post Box

This comes painted or unpainted 

Height - 70mm Diameter - 25mm