CHS013 'Station Building' This is a multi purpose station building which can be used as a ticket office or waiting room, it has another door to the rear with two more windows. Height – 6.2” Length – 11.8” Width – 4.5”

CHS053 'Slate Station' This lovely model is great for the 16mm enthusiast, it is a larger building and makes a great station building, it is a basic building that can be added to with dormers and out-buildings. The rear of the building has one door and two windows. Height – 8” Width – 5.5” Length – 14”

Alternative colour scheme

Building rear

Alternative colour scheme

Building front

Low Relief

Canopy added

Four dormers & Lean-to added

CHS078 'Open Waiting Shelter' This is a bespoke item which has been constructed from the roof of the wood panel waiting room (CHS017), the main structure is made from Jigstones and the seat is made from a hardwood strip with three of the church battlement Merlons (CHS060). It comes fully assembled and painted, this is a special order and can be adapted as required. The roof is available to buy separate if needed for a project. Height – 6.5” Length – 11.8” Width – 4.5”

CHS011 Platform Sections

These come in straight and curved sections and it is reinforced with thick steel mesh. The option to cast these a bit thinner as a Low Profile can be done although this does not alter the price due to extra mesh needed for strength. The low relief is a normal straight section cut in half lengthways

These come in extensions as well so you can make the platform as long as you like, I will cut the ends off for you to do this.



CHS012 'Low Relief Platform' This is ideal for layouts that need to save space and have a narrow platform

CHS076 Slate Platform Section

These come in straight sections with a ramp and flagstone detail on top and if required I can cast thinner or with a slight curve on special request. I can also take an angle grinder and slice down the length to create a low relief effect if tight on space in the garden. You will notice there is detail on the back piece so it can be used solo as a cattle dock or I can cut the ramp off and if you join the two you will still have the detail on the end.

The platforms can be extended to whatever your length by cutting the ramp off and using it as a joining piece and you choose if you want flat ends with detail or ramps, the pictures show you the variety available to you.


Ramp section dimensions:

Length - 17" 

Height - 2" 

Width - 7"



2 x Sections

Back to Back

Section without ramp

2 x sections

No ramps

3 x sections

middle section ramps cut off

4 x sections